Hypo-tension is low blood pressure which can be caused by poor circulation,low blood volume,medication side effects or anemia.Nowadays Reduced volume of blood also known as hypovolaemia is the most common cause for the low blood pressure among many peoples across the globe.In hypo-tension caused by medication,massage therapy may increase the effects of medication.

side effects of medication includes light-headedness and fainting while standing upon.Blood pressure irregularities can be contraindication for massage.The biggest problem is with the people who are suffering from low blood pressure conditions.It could be more painful for those who are even not under the medication or not even visiting or consulting their doctors on regular basis.So its always good to consult your doctor before you even start doing massage therapy over your body, with Sports Massage sometimes being the best way to go.

If someone wants to go with the massage therapy it’s best suggested if you are under medication because such person is fine to undergo massage therapy since the symptoms are being managed,but they should always remember to get up very slowly in order to make sure that they don’t faint or fall down.

MASSAGE THERAPY is better recommended or INDICATED for the person who’s having high blood pressure issue rather than low blood pressure patients.Person suffering from hypo-tension should avoid MASSAGE THERAPY, as the above mentioned things suggest that low blood pressure is contraindication to MASSAGE THERAPY.

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