The Benefits of a Hot Rock Massage

Everyone likes a good hot rock massage. This type of massage is well liked by many who desire to melt their stress away and improve their psychological health. During a hot rock massage, stones are heated to a certain temperature and placed strategically on your back. These stones are warmed in clean sanitized water beforehand and are usually gathered from rivers and are made of basalt. The basalt in the rocks help them to hold heat longer and prolong the time before you have to switch them.

There are a lot of benefits to getting a hot stone massage. Your stress and anxiety are decreased and your muscles are slowly persuaded to relax and loosen up. It can also potentially help those with depression and panic attacks. After your muscles are relaxed the masseuse is easily able to manipulate and knead them more effectively, ridding you of knots and other discomforts. Having tense muscles makes it difficult for the therapist to release the tension so hot rocks are ideal for this issue.

Another benefit is improving the circulation in your body. The heat and steam from the rocks cause your vessels to relax, allowing blood and other fluids to travel more easily. As a result you will feel less tired, more energetic, and when your muscles are loosened up they are able to take in more oxygen. Hot stone massages are also good for sports injuries, pain relief, sprains, and stiff joints. The heat from the rocks can ease the pain and reduce inflammation or swelling from bruises, or broken bones.

Remember, when getting a massage your comfort is important. Don’t be afraid to speak up if the rocks are too hot or if the therapist is being too rough with you. A massage is supposed to lower your tension not increase it. Hot stones shouldn’t completely replace your healthcare but it can help with the healing process and provide some relief.

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